IoT & Education Initiative Presents at Global City Teams Expo

On June 1, 2015 the Bringing Internet of Things to High School Students team presented its first-year results at the Global City Teams Challenge Expo held at the National Building Museum in Washington DC. The expo ran all day and more than 1,300 people attended to hear from 60 teams originating in 50 cities around the world.

Greg Toth from IoT Dev Labs and Internet of Things DC presented the IoT & Education initiative during the Education Projects segment in the morning. Video footage of all 60+ presentations and keynotes can be found here.

The team was well-represented by team members Chris Sloop from Earth Networks / WeatherBug, Dr. Sanjay Raman and PhD student Yaman Sharaf-Dabbagh from Virginia Tech, Darren Stauffer and Andrea Morris from Arlington County, Dan Hoffman from Montgomery County, and Trina Ward and colleagues from Intel all in attendance.

Participating high school student Denis D. was in the team's booth talking about his experience in the project during the 2014-2015 school year and demonstrating some of the hardware being used.

The IoT & Education initiative involves a team of industry, academia and government participants that is helping high school students learn about the Internet of Things by building and operating their own hardware and software projects and then sharing and analyzing the data they generate.

Team members include IoT Dev Labs, Internet of Things DC, Arlington County (Virginia), Virginia Tech, Earth Networks / WeatherBug, Texas Instruments, Intel, Montgomery County (Maryland), Centeye, George Mason University, and the cities of Independence and Monmouth, Oregon. Students and teachers from high schools in Virginia, Maryland, Oregon and Hawaii participated during the first year.